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Vietnam – Packing & prepairing

So, as you know, for our next trip we have decided to go to Vietnam. We were thinking about it for a while now and we found this really cheap tickets, flying out from Munich airport, through Beijing, and then to Hanoi.

Our itineray is gonna look something like this: our flight leaves at 12:00 from Munich, so we’ll get up around 3AM, and take our car to Munich. It’ll take us around 5 hours from Skofja Loka, through Karawanken tunnel, passing Salzburg and on to Munich. We found a parking lot on-site for 84€ /24 day on Car park P41 North. We would really like to avoid the morning rush hour around Munich, even if that means we’re three hours early. I’m sure that we can fill our time with coffee or two

Next stop is gonna be Beijing. We’re gonna land around 5AM local time, and we’ll have more than 20 hours before we take off for Hanoi, Vietnam. So, first thing to do, is to find some attraction in Beijing to keep us busy, since we can leave the airport without Visa, because we have a connecting flight inside 72 hours (at least, I heard so)…

So, right now, we’re packed and ready to go….hoping there’s no snow on the road, bye bye…

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