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Vietnam – Cruising in Nha Trang

Aaaaah…the sleeper Bus. I must say, we were all a little scared how a 10 hour bus ride will look like, but I must say, it was more than comfortable. We got the three seats in the back, that are joined together, and there was more than enough room for all of us. And since Lia is a little shorter, we could put the “important” backpack by her feet.

We bought the tickets for our Bus travels in a tourist agency in Saigon and we paid around 40$/person for 5 stops/pickups. And in Vietnam, using this kind of buses, looks something like this. You buy a ticket, and when you do, you must know in which cities you’re gonna get off the bus, you don’t have to specify the exact dates. So, for example, we started in Saigon and we decided our first stop is Nha Trang. Since it’s a 10 h bus ride, we took a night bus. And when we wanted to go from Nha Trang to another town on our route, one day before we left, we called the agency where we bought the tickets, they told us how long the drive is to there and we decided which bus we’re gonna take (usually there are more than one per day). So, the agency arranges a pickup from your hotel/hostel, which takes usually somewhere out of the center to meet this bus. We were quite sceptic at first, about how it’s all gonna work, since we’re traveling with a kid, but it works like clockwork.So, we arrived to Nha Trang-a beautiful coastal city. Got off the bus around 7AM, went straight to our appartment in Villa Miami, and since our room wasn’t ready yet, we took our smaller bags and went straight to the beach-our first beach in Vietnam. Sandy beach as far as your eye can see, but the sea was quite rough, so it is not the best time to go swimming and the weather was so-so, a little cloudy and windy, so we soon decided we’ll go sightseeing instead.We rented our first motorbike here, and honestly, it’s the best and the easiest way to get around in Vietnam. We paid around 4$/day and all three of us could fit on one bike. We were little scared at first since this traffic here is what I’d like to call-an organised chaos. But, it was a smooth ride all the way.[FinalTilesGallery id=’65’]First thing we went to check out, were The Ponagar towers located near the center of the City, then to Christ The King Cathedral and finally to Long Son Pagoda – so we covered all three major religions in Vietnam ;).

In our three days here, we cruised the city a lot, went for a few walks, went to see their market, went to the carnival park… One day we took our bike, outside of the city for a joyride. There were supposed to be some salt flatts up North, but we couldn’t find any, so we cruised around a bit-a fun and hot day. 😉

We really liked Nha Trang-it’s big enough to have everything, it’s not to big, the weather was perfect and it has enough sites to keep you busy for a few days…

Foto by Spela Bokal, video by Travel With Kids

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