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Vietnam – Getting there

So, instead of 3AM, we decided to start at 2AM. Alarm clock rang and we shot ourselves out of bed. It felt like we barely closed our eyes.

Weather forecast was really bad, that’s why we decided to go sooner. And, luckily we did. As soon as we crossed into Austria, through Karawanke tunnel, it started snowing….higher we went, storm got stronger and snow was soon grasping the highway. So much even, that they called in Snow ploughs. We arrived to Munich airport parking (P41 parking) just little over 8AM. Which might seem as enough time, but when you gotta get all your suitcases, sleeping child and wait for the shuttle bus to take you to the airport, with a 10 min. ride, and then cross the airport, do a Check-In (because online check-in wasn’t available), find the boarding gate-we barely made it. We were the last ones to board. But, snow started…and created real late Christmas mood. So, we waited on the plane for three hours more, witnessed de-icing of the plane and then went on our way.

So, when we finally moved, lifted off above the snow storm, and everything from there on was a smooth flight. And because free onboard entertainment trip even passed relatively fast. It took 10 hours to Beijing, I even got some sleep, because there actually was additional leg space (as advertised), ’cause I’m almost 2m tall, and always find myself having problems sleeping on planes, buses and trains. Surprisingly, for an airline company, the food was also quite OK, drinks were free…it felt like Business class 😉

So we came to Beijing around 5AM, got our Visas in order and went out to explore the city a little. Visas were free-if you have a connecting flight in less then 72h (if I remember correctly). Got out of the airport around 8AM.

Video by Travel With Kids

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