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Vietnam – Beijing Layover

So, we’ve come to Beijing, now what? There’s quite a few options, because you can get a free Visa, you just need to stand in line for about an hour, and off you go-your only limitation is how much time you got on your hands…

We decided to go to Tiananmen Square, to see The Forbidden city and then to The Temple of Heaven. I’m a bit of “History addict”, especially if something’s Ancient by origin… So, we went to the famous square, through The Forbidden city, took a few pictures and clips, but didn’t stay there for too long, because it was freezing cold and we were all tired from the trip so far. So, we went through the old part of the city, found a Starbucks, and stopped there for a while to regain, well….coffeine ;). After that, we went on their Subway again and headed to The Temple of Heaven.  And I looooooved it. It’s a great complex, built somewhere between 1406-1420 during the reign of Yongle Emperor, who was according to Wikipedia, also responsible for building the Forbidden city (didn’t know that). Later on, it was renovated in 18th century. But, because it was still cold, around 0 degrees C, we got out of there, and headed back to the Airport.

I liked their subway system, it can be a little confusing at times, but it’s all colour-coded and numbered, and with the map that you can get anywhere, it’s quite hard to get lost.

We had a 2AM flight to Hanoi, Vietnam next day, so…we were all excited to finally getting there.

Foto by Spela Bokal, video by Travel With Kids

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