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Ljubljana ZOO

Sun rays chased away the typical Ljubljana fog around noon, so we went to Ljubljana ZOO.

Tickets were given to us as a gift, so we took advantage of our free Saturday afternoon and fulfilled a young girls wish at the same time. Her words were:

” Let’s go to the ZOO, we haven’t been for a long time” 

As usually, we went first to the sea lions, then followed the path towards Roznik, passed the cheetahs, chimpanzees, bears, wolfs, northern deers and mooses. I was surprised when I saw how big mooses were, my god, it was as big as a horse. I was also pleasantly surprised about the playfulness and curiosity of the northern deer cubs…

Although we skipped a few animals, due to the change in weather, we had to make a necessary stop at the childrens playground and buy a few refreshments along the way. From our last visit they set up, what they call a Kids ZOO. Here kids can walk amongst different types of animals, they can play with them, brush them or feed them.

In this time of year, they are renovating all around this place, so the place is ready for the spring time, and they are also getting ready a few more, new fences, for what appears to be, new animals and new attractions.

Foto by Spela Bokal

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