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Finally on the beach- Tangalle, SriLanka

From UdaWalave,we went, together with four other backpackers, with a bus, directly towards the Southern coast-to Tangalle.

We took a Tuk Tuk to get us to this bus (300LRK). The owner of the place we stayed in arranged to take us directly to the drivers home-where the bus was parked. So we could go on the bus, before the first station-very nice gesture. And while we were waiting there, the driver parked the bus under the Mango tree, climbed on the bus and threw a couple of riped mangos our way….yummy! 😉

Because we were first on the bus, we could leave our luggage in-front of the bus, where they usually have the luggage dedicated space. The road took us through the city of Embilipitya and then straight to Tangalla., where we stepped off, and the bus went on to Galle. The drive took us 3 hours, and cost us 107 LRK/person, while it was free for Lia.

Our room was yet again booked over ,right on the coast – Autumn Moon Beach Cabanas for 16,20€/per night. Sandy beach, palm trees, waves and the ocean-what else is there 😉 The only thing bothering me was the location of our Cabana, because it was quite a long walk from the city centre. But the owners can rent you a bike or call for a tuk tuk if you need one.

Only 6 km further down the coast, to the West, is the Rekawa beach, where from September to November you can watch giant sea turtles lay their eggs in the sand. Of course, not anyone can get there, but if you hire a guide you can even go and watch the hatched little turtles find their way to the Ocean. 🙂

We only booked here for one night, so we didn’t go on the Turtle watch, because we had a bit shorter night, a night before, due to Lia’s slightly infected ears. Maybe another time.

Tangalla isn’t known only for the beaches, but also for a picturesque old fishing port, which is, especially in the morning hours, very atractive and quite busy. Colorful fishing boats, busy fishermen with their catch trying to sell them-everything you heard exists in the Ocean-it’s here 😉

After a little longer morning walk we packed our stuff and went, again with a bus, straight to Mirissa (290 LRK/person)-again, Lia’s ride was free.

Foto by Spela Bokal Photography

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