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Vietnam – Discovering The Mekong Delta

So, you’ve got quite a few options while you’re in Saigon-a lot of interesting stuff to look at and to discover. Since we are a little limited by our time here, we decided to Discover the Nine-Dragon river Delta…also known as The Mekong Delta.

The river Mekong starts as high as Tibet, and runs through China, Burma, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, before it dissapears into South China Sea.  It is 12th longest river in the world-around 4200 km long. In all of the countries mentioned above, there is around 90 million people living on or next to the river. And for most of them the river is their main source of income-either from fishing, agriculture, tourism… All of this countries (except China of course) are joined together in The Comission of Mekong delta, to preserve this Asian jewel and keep it running for generations to come.

So, with that being said…we’re off to see it in person. We booked our tickets at our hotel…for 1.050.000 Dongs/person (Lia had a free ride). the price included the Bus rides, all the boat rides, sleeping in a 3* hotel and two lunches-so it was fairly cheap. It took us around three hours to get to our starting point where we jumped on our first boat. We’ve soon seen how vivid the life on the river is. a lot of floating markets, people using the river for transporting goods, material, to go grocerie shoping-no kidding! 😉 So, they drove us along the river for a few hours, then we stopped in one of the local restaurants for lunch and then for another circle towards the city of Can Tho, where we spent the night. Beofre we got there we stopped at the village where they make rice noodles, rice candy, rice….well, you get the point ;).

On the next day we visited the biggest floating market-it was quite a site. A lot of different boats, selling mostly veggies and fruits. Different ships, boats, different colours. Boats are colourful by itself, and then they stuff the boats with different fruits and it becomes a spectacle of colours. You know, what they are selling by what kind of fruit is hanging from a stick on the front side of the boat. Then you just park next to them, or wave them to come to you…

We finished our trip around 3PM and went on the bus for a 4h ride back…just in time to catch our sleeper bus to….you’ll see 😉

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Foto by Spela Bokal, video by Travel With Kids

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