Mirissa & Blue Whale Watching

At 6AM the owner of the place we stayed in took us to the harbour, where wa the main office of Raja & the Whales, who are known to be one of the best around here-they’re also one of the first who started this operation around here. They organize both whale and dolphin watching tours.

First we payed 6.000LRK/person for the tour, and then they took us to the boat. Boat wasn’t small one, it had two floors-it coul easily accomodate around 100 people.

They distributed life-vests to all participants and warned us about big waves. They served us with tea and coffee and we had fruits for breakfast. After an hour later they gave us fried eggs, as the waves were crashing at the boat. Uri got seek very quickly, so he went downstairs, and it was just me and Lia on the top floor. After around 2-3 hours we came to THE spot. We were so far out in the Ocean, that the cargo ships were passing by. We only saw a part of the whale, since they’re coming for air only every 15 minutes. In the meantime I got prepared and woke up Lia, so she could see the big monster of the sea for herself. We were following the for another 90 minutes or so, and then we turned back. It took us around 8 hours all together and it was quite an ordeal.

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